Our Commitment

Civil Engineering, the imprint of Civilization

We are CIBIM, a company that is born after a difficult period for the business industry, but once again, echoing the strength of our professional community, civil engineers find the way to the future. We are lucky; the technology advances vertiginously and far from crossing the arms, we are thankful of it and join the revolution of a new digital world, the optimization of processes and the interoperability between teams. Here we go.


I have always told myself that if I ever create something, it has to have a purpose with the world and with the people. And it’s amazing to see how everything starts to take shape. There is no better way to serve humanity in symbiosis with nature than being a civil engineer, we are the civilization’s footprint. The degree of responsibility that we handle goes beyond the mere service of the infrastructure; all our actions will have consequences for many centuries, and many of them can be irreversible. Population is growing, every time we produce more and the evolution rises rapidly; that is why it is vital to find a balance between economic progress, social demand and respect for the planet.


At CIBIM we are obsessed with the sustainability of all levels, which is why we are committed to acting accordingly to our values, and applying the exact formula to progress in a sustainable way whilst ensuring profitability. The environment is the engine that drives our profession, we are passionate about creating a better world. Without rich natural resources there would be no need to create infrastructures. Thanks to the intelligence put for years in the management of resources through infrastructures, we are in this moment of global progression, but where we are also facing challenges that cannot be ignored.


Innovation, excellence and transparency are some of our core principles to satisfy customers and ensure sustainable progress. We are a company with a passionate quality and we want to use that characteristic in favour of everything that surrounds us; clients, project partners, citizens and natural resources. We are here to help and achieve a common success, we will work hand in hand to achieve solutions, and your goals will be ours. We encourage everyone to share experiences, processes and innovation in materials to discuss and advance collaboratively towards an ever smarter way of work.

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