With engineers of over thirty years of experience in consulting and construction management, at CIBIM we offer our technical services for the design and supervision of civil engineering solutions. A team that combines extremes; the impetus of young minds with the robustness and wisdom of the most experienced. We are at your service.

  • Design and Management of Projects from Inception to Completion
  • Feasibility Studies and Design Alternatives
  • Technical Documentation for Tenders
  • Health & Safety Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Technical Calculations and Production of Technical Notes
  • Operation and Maintenance of Bridges and other Structural Assets
  • Technical Assistance and Supervision of Construction Works
  • Construction Management


Linear Infrastructure - Highways and Rail
Pavements and Road Foundations
Retaining Structures and Foundations
Drainage and Hydraulic Infrastructure

Do you need help from Civil Engineers? We always have time to listen and find solutions