The BIM adoption is growing by leaps and bounds and it is possible that you lack the required personnel or IT resources or, simply, that you don’t have sufficient time to carry out that key BIM element of your project. A cost-effective solution is to outsource those parts. At CIBIM we are a team specialized in BIM and highly qualified in Civil Engineering that will advise you in a personalized manner and will find the best way to achieve your goals. We have identified the following services as outsourcing packages; sections that we will create for you "BIM-ready" while you progress other aspects of your project that require you at a 100%, your project is in good hands.

3D Modelling

We create the virtual representation of infrastructures, land and buildings based on the requirements agreed in the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) of the project in question. It is an intelligent prototype that incorporates key project data and links between different disciplines to ensure the optimal interoperability and clash detection. The result is a model rich in information whose usefulness will extend throughout the life cycle, from design phase to construction, operations and possible demolition.

4D Planning

We program the construction phasing of your model. You will be able to visualise the process digitally before building it physically. This will boost the overall performance of the construction stage ensuring the continuity of the work and minimizing interruptions amongst the different phases.

  • Lean Construction and Last Planner System.

Cost Management

We integrate the element cost into the model. We analyse the activities and materials that will be required and obtain quantitative estimates, productivity rates and labour costs. This link with the model offers the possibility of evaluating different scenarios, illustrating immediately how a change in the design affects both the cost of the work and the programme.


At CIBIM we support sustainable growth and the respect for our planet. We understand that if we use the resources that we have, in the most efficient and responsible way, we will all win. Thanks to BIM, we achieve total transparency between all the stakeholders involved and we have greater control throughout the life cycle. In a world in which managing these aspects is increasingly essential, we offer services in terms of sustainability that will benefit both our environment and your balance-sheet accounts.

  • Studies of Environmental, Economic and Social Impact from its beginning until the end of the project’s life cycle
  • Advice to obtain the LEED Certification in your project

As Builts and BIM model Update

We monitor the construction phase and update the model in parallel so that you will always have the most up to date data during construction stages. BIM also continues after construction and it is vitally important to have real and updated information on the built infrastructure to obtain high performance in subsequent processes of operation, maintenance, operations, reconstruction and/or demolition. Sometimes that last stage is ignored, but the reality is that the BIM models are live models and this phase is a crucial part. At CIBIM we also offer services for updating the model and creating "as-built" plans both for post-construction phases and for model updates due to maintenance actions.

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