We are a team of Civil Engineers committed to the progress of the Civil Engineering sector and the service to society. With Masters’ degree in BIM Management and Civil and Structural Engineering; and with proven experience in the United Kingdom, a country whose BIM mandate is mandatory since 2016, we embark in this exciting new venture and bring sustainable progress to the world focusing on the field of BIM development. 

We are specialists in BIM for Civil Engineering and we help companies and public organizations to implement BIM globally, both in their projects and in their business strategy. We actively participate in the BIM promotion and awareness and apply the recommendations of the European, International and British Commission as the standardization progresses in Europe and the UK.
We are facing a moment of key cultural change in the sector where BIM plays a key role. At CIBIM we celebrate the change and we have specialized in BIM processes, technology and philosophy to successfully lead on Civil Engineering projects, providing tangible value in the form of quality, cost effectiveness, minimization of variations and greater risk control both in design and construction phase.
The sector is expected to make a gradual transition; for this reason, we also offer “classical” technical consulting services and project management, applying this new approach which enhances the value of our clients’ projects through the use of the most sophisticated techniques and software.